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Car Valeting

Apart from the usual car washing routine, the vast majority of motorists generally only consider having their car valeted when they are going to try and sell their vehicle. This is because they know that a potential buyer will be more attracted to a car that is not only mechanically sound, but also looks good as well.

Having your car valeted will almost certainly increase the amount of money you can get for your vehicle when you’re selling it, but a regular cleaning schedule has many other benefits.

A regular valet done professionally will help protect the paintwork on your vehicle, which in turn means it's less likely to show signs of age.

Also, a regular valet will enable us to spot any minor signs of damage such as scratches and blemishes that may show up unnoticed during day to day use. In most cases these can be dealt with quickly to avoid them getting worse.

Even a very small chip or scratch can eventually lead to rust developing on the bodywork.

Plus, a regular valet will help reduce the possibility of damage that can sometimes occur when taking your car through your local automated car wash. It can also reduce the amount of times your car needs washing, thus saving you some extra money.

The car valeting services we provide are quite comprehensive and detailed in the list below.

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Exterior cleaning services:  Washing - Shampooing - Drying - Wheel cleaning - Traffic film removal - Tyre dressing
Interior cleaning services:  Car seats shampooed - Leather seats cleaned - Carpets, mats, boot vacuumed cleaned - Headlining & rear parcel shelf cleaned - Dashboard & internal components cleaned - Windows and mirrors cleaned.

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